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About us

Building a new life in a foreign country is not an easy job and is also often underestimated. However well prepared you are for your emigration, actually standing with your bags in the arrival hall of a new homeland is a surreal and overwhelming, but also challenging and adventurous experience. I should know because I've done it countless times.

My name is Johanna and I am the founder of Expat Services.

What does Expat Services do?

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It is our packages that distinguish us in the market

Unique to Expat Services is our Standard Package, based on my knowledge of what every expat needs. Once you have arrived, I will personally guide you in all matters that need to be arranged on Dutch soil. Attention is also paid to the fun aspects of emigrating. As your private guide, I will show you around your new living environment. From the supermarket, the hospital and the post office to the hippest bars, most beautiful museums and nicest shopping streets: you will soon know exactly where to find everything.


In addition to the Standard Package, Expat Services offers additional packages, in line with your personal situation. If you emigrate alone, you can opt for the Single Package, for example.

If your family comes along, then there are completely different needs and wishes that are included in the Family Package. If you come mainly to do business, the Business Package is suitable for you.

However, it doesn't stop there. It is my mission to unburden you (and your family) completely. In practice, this looks different for every expat. Expat Services goes a lot further in this respect than other providers. For example, I take care of your nanny's visa application, the transport of your belongings, the import of your (luxury) vehicle and your transport by taxi, limousine or private jet.

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I can best explain personally how your process works in practice and with what matters I can help you. An introductory meeting via Skype is free and without obligation. I am only satisfied when we have put all your wishes on paper and I have drawn up a tailor-made offer that you fully agree with.


Only then will the adventure begin!

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Anna van Hannoverstraat 4
2595 BJ  The Hague

Phone: ​+31 (0) 70 - 800 2111
Phone: +31 (0) 20 - 261 6434

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