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Exclusive personal services

We are happy to take the time for you! Contact us for more information and a fully customized quote.

Housing support

A nice home as soon as possible

A real home makes integrating in the Netherlands a lot easier, especially if you bring your family with you. However, the Dutch housing market is not an easy one. The prices of owner-occupied homes have risen sharply in recent years and getting a rental home as an expat is quite a challenge. That's why Expat Services does that for you! We have the right connections to help you find a beautiful home. This saves you a lot of time, stress and headaches.


Practical administrative guidance

DigiD, municipal registration and work and residence permits

Emigrating involves a significant amount of paperwork, requiring you to follow specific laws and regulations. In the Netherlands, for example, you need a so-called DigiD for all government institutions. In many cases, a visa and work and residence permits are required. And of course you must be registered in the municipality where you are going to live.


Expat Services understands that you prefer to deal with more important (and more fun!) matters and takes all this administrative work off your hands. Thanks to our many years of experience with various authorities and employers, we know exactly which documents your situation requires.


Take care of your vehicle and pet

Importing cars and motorcycles, private jets, small and large animals

Your valuable possessions must also be brought to the Netherlands without any problems. The Netherlands has different rules regarding the import of vehicles and animals. Expat Services has the right knowledge and connections in house for the safe transport and carefree import of (luxury) cars, motorcycles, private jets and (pets) animals. With your (steel) steed or four-legged friend nearby, the Netherlands will soon feel like home.


Attention for your whole family

Schooling, language lessons and integration

Your partner, any children and nanny must also be comfortable in the Netherlands. Because Expat Services is specialized in civic integration, we know exactly what is needed for this. Are you looking for quality language lessons? A training or course relevant to your partner? The right papers for your nanny? Or would you like to see your child go to a well-regarded (international) school as soon as possible? We make sure that you don't have to worry about it and that each family member can start integrating at his or her own pace.


Help building social contacts

Expat Events

One of the most enjoyable, but also most challenging aspects of expat life is making new social contacts. And who understands you and your lifestyle better than other expats? That is precisely why Expat Services organizes social events for expats. During these interesting events you can meet other expats, exchange experiences and make promising connections. 


Committed aftercare

Up to 6 months after your emigration

The first period in the Netherlands is often busy and uncomfortable. We understand that your emigration will not be completed in a few weeks. Unique to Expat Services is that after arranging the most important matters, we are still available for questions and support for 6 months. Issues you didn't have time for before or didn't come up before you can still deposit it with us during this period. Do you have a specific request for help or special request? Read more about our tailor-made packages.


Professional support for employers

Guidance with international hiring, secondment and reorganization

Expat Services is also available for employers who employ expats. For example, we provide guidance for your highly educated professional from abroad, so that this employee can work in your company without any worries. Do you work a lot with expats? Thanks to our experience at embassies and ministries, we can help you set up or reorganize an expat department within your company – also on location! Finally, you can also contact us for secondment and other personnel matters. Request a no-obligation quote today.

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